Preparing for Performances: A Step-by-Step Guide

Preparing for Performances: A Step-by-Step Guide
Jeet of Rising Tones Institute of Music


Whether you're a seasoned musician or a beginner taking music lessons, the thought of performing can be exhilarating yet intimidating. From guitar lessons to singing lessons, every step in your musical journey leads to the stage - a place of growth, learning, and enjoyment. This comprehensive guide is tailored to help students of all levels prepare for their recitals or performances, transforming anxiety into excitement and uncertainty into confidence.

Making the Performance About Others

  • The Audience Connection:
    • Remember, your performance is a gift to the audience. It's about sharing your passion and connecting with others through music. This mindset can shift the focus from self-consciousness to the joy of sharing music.

The Stage: A Platform for Growth

  • Learning with Every Performance:
    • Each time you step onto the stage, view it as an opportunity to grow. Whether it’s a piece from your recent guitar lessons or a challenging aria from your singing lessons, every performance teaches you something new about your abilities and artistry.

Enjoying the Performance

  • Embrace the Joy:
    • The essence of music is enjoyment. Whether you're performing a solo from your recent music lessons or collaborating with fellow musicians, relish the experience. This joy naturally translates to your audience, creating a memorable performance. Ask yourself, if you are not going to be enjoying every moment on stage, then exactly when will you enjoy? Afterall, the stage is about enjoyment, and you have already worked hard for it. So remember, the stage performance is an event for a sheer, innocent enjoyment free of any judgement or comparision.

Tactical Solutions for Performance Anxiety

  • Deep Breathing Techniques:

    • Practicing deep breathing exercises can significantly reduce performance anxiety. Try this before going on stage to calm your nerves and focus your mind.
  • Frequent Stage Appearances:

    • Regular exposure to performances can greatly ease anxiety. At Rising Tones, we encourage frequent student concerts to help our students become comfortable on stage.

Structuring Your Preparation

  1. Early and Consistent Practice:

    • Start preparing your pieces well in advance. Consistent practice, be it for guitar, singing, or other music lessons, ensures that you’re confident with your material.
  2. Mock Performances:

    • Simulate the performance environment at home or in your music lessons. This can include dressing up as if for a performance and playing in front of friends or family.
  3. Feedback and Improvement:

    • Seek feedback from your music teachers or peers. Constructive criticism is invaluable in refining your performance.


Performing is an integral part of the musical journey. It's an opportunity to showcase your skills, connect with an audience, and grow as a musician. With the right mindset and preparation, every stage can become a platform for unforgettable experiences.


Jeet Samant, Composer and Music Mentor

With a rich journey in music since 2005, Jeet Samant stands out as a seasoned music mentor and composer. He has guided hundreds of students, nurturing their musical talents and helping them find their unique voice in the world of music. As a skilled songwriter and melody writer, Jeet has a flair for crafting songs that resonate deeply with audiences. His expertise extends to music production, where his innovative techniques and keen ear for detail have produced captivating musical pieces. Jeet’s passion for music is not just about creating melodies; it's about inspiring and empowering a new generation of musicians.

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