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Immerse yourself or your loved ones in the world of music with our captivating piano lessons.

Our expert instructors specialize in nurturing musical talent, boosting confidence, and developing intricate piano skills in a supportive and engaging environment.
Whether you're rekindling a lifelong passion or introducing your child to the joys of piano, our lessons are designed to unlock musical potential, enhance emotional well-being, and provide a fulfilling creative outlet.

Experience the thrill of playing the piano, as you or your child progress from basics to mastery, building a deep and lasting appreciation for music. It's never too late to start your piano journey and discover the joy of this timeless instrument.

8 benefits of LEARNing drums

1) Boosts Physical Coordination

Drumming requires the use of all four limbs in a coordinated manner, enhancing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. This unique physical engagement can improve overall dexterity and coordination, beneficial for daily activities and other physical pursuits.

2) Improves Mental Agility

Drumming involves complex patterns and rhythms, which stimulate brain function and cognitive processes. It enhances memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills, making it a great mental workout.

3) Enhances Emotional Well-being

Playing the drums is a powerful form of emotional expression and stress relief. The physical act of drumming releases endorphins, which can elevate mood and reduce anxiety, promoting a sense of well-being.

4) Fosters a Sense of Rhythm

Drumming is foundational for developing a strong sense of rhythm, essential for all forms of music. Learning to keep time and understand rhythmic patterns can improve musicality and timing in other instruments and activities.

5) Promotes Social Interaction

Drumming is often a communal activity, whether in a band, drum circle, or ensemble. It fosters teamwork, communication, and social connections, enhancing interpersonal skills and building a sense of community.

6) Builds Physical Stamina

Drumming is a physically demanding activity that can improve cardiovascular health and endurance. The repetitive and energetic nature of drumming sessions can enhance physical stamina and overall fitness.

7) Encourages Creativity and Improvisation

Drumming allows for a high degree of creativity and improvisation. Drummers can experiment with different rhythms, beats, and styles, fostering creative thinking and artistic expression.

8) additional unique benefits

Stress Relief: The physicality of drumming can be a great way to channel energy and relieve stress.
Coordination and Timing: Mastering complex rhythms and beats enhances overall coordination and timing, valuable skills both in music and daily life.
Community Engagement: Participating in drum circles or bands fosters a sense of belonging and community engagement.

why choose RISING TONES? 

Expert Instruction on Acoustic and Electronic Kits

At Rising Tones, we offer comprehensive drum lessons on both acoustic drum kits and high-end electronic kits. Our electronic kits feature double bass pedals, providing a versatile learning experience that caters to all musical preferences and styles.

Passionate, Experienced, and Friendly Teachers

Our instructors are not only highly skilled drummers but also passionate about teaching. They bring a wealth of experience and a friendly approach, creating a supportive environment that encourages learning and growth.

Stage Performance Opportunities

We believe that live performance is a crucial part of musical education. Our students get regular opportunities to perform on stage, whether in solo performances or as part of a band. This helps build confidence, stage presence, and real-world drumming experience.

Raving Reviews from Hundreds of Happy Students

Our drum lessons have received numerous positive reviews from students who appreciate our engaging and effective teaching methods. We take pride in the success and satisfaction of our students, reflected in their progress and achievements.

Professional Setup

Our classes are conducted in a professional studio environment, equipped with high-quality acoustic and electronic drums. This ensures that students have access to the best tools for learning and practicing their drumming skills.

Personalized Lesson Plans

We tailor our lessons to fit the individual needs and goals of each student. Whether you're a beginner learning the basics or an advanced drummer refining your technique, our instructors will create a personalized plan to help you succeed.


MONDAY to FRIDAY  4:00pm to 9:00pm

SATURDAY  10:00Am to 4:00pm

SUNDAY 12:00pm to 8:00pm

(BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, and subject to availability)



Rising tones, 2/16 The link, mill park, 3082

Call 03 9717 9717

live performance opportunities

Experience the Spotlight with Rising Tones!

At Rising Tones, we believe that drummers are the heartbeat of every band. Our drum students are key players in all our student bands, ensuring they get plenty of opportunities to shine and showcase their skills. Our live performance opportunities are designed to help drummers collaborate with guitarists, vocalists, pianists, and other musicians, fostering a dynamic and enriching musical experience.Drummers not only get to perform solo but also collaborate with fellow students, enhancing their ability to work in a team and develop a deep understanding of ensemble dynamics.

These performances help build confidence, improve stage presence, and provide invaluable real-world experience.Join us and be part of an exciting musical journey, where you’ll get to perform live, connect with other musicians, and take your drumming skills to new heights! Check out our student performances and see how our drummers bring the music to life!



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