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Craft Original Songs, and Develop Home Recording Skills, Learn to sing in groups or solo. Train Your Rar Like a Pro

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Shift From Screens to Strings
Ignite True Creativity This Summer

Rushed routines, digital immersion, and untapped artistic potential can mute the melody that is our unique expression. In an era of screens and distractions, discover your individual harmony, creativity, and growth.

The Rising Tones Music Boot Camps are orchestrated to disrupt this cycle, offering a stage where the art of music isn't just performed—it's deeply felt and lived. Here, you don't just learn; you transform—crafting original songs, honing expressive guitar skills, and mastering the essentials of home recording. Reconnect with your inner muse, amplify your creative voice, and let your musical story be heard.

what different skills can you learn?

Helping you to Pave the Way of Creativity & Authentic Expression...


Songcrafting Secrets

Unlock the secrets of memorable songwriting, with a focus on the melodic composition.


Technique EnhaNcement

Refine your guitar skills with intermediate / advanced level techniques to bring precision and soul to every note..


Home Studio skills

Gain hands-on experience with home recording equipment to capture your music professionally. 



Develop an acute musical ear, distinguishing nuances and perfecting pitch for enhanced musical understanding.


Musical Mindfulness

Learn to use music as a tool for mindfulness, enhancing focus and emotional well-being


Creative Collab

Collaborate with fellow musicians to inspire and enhance your creative artistry through teamwork.

We are seasoned in guiding our students through this musical transformative experiences.
Each camp focuses on one more more of these core components.
We turn them into a fun and powerful Music Camp for musical growth, personal growth and lasting fulfillment

Camp Schedule and inclusions


camp #1 Singing for Instrumentalists 

Elevate your musical skills at our 'Singing for Instrumentalists' camp! Blend vocal prowess with instrumental expertise through engaging workshops, collaborative sessions, and an exhilarating final performance that showcases your newfound harmony.

COST: $149 

 1 DAY.

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#2 Group Singing, Harmony and Choir

Immerse yourself in the world of choral singing at our dynamic music camp. Master group dynamics, harmony, and choir performance, from basic exercises to advanced ensemble techniques, culminating in an exhilarating mini-concert showcasing your collaborative musical journey.

COST: $149

Duration: 1 DAY.

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#3 Music Production AND Technology

Step into the future of sound at our Music Production and Technology Camp. Over two days, delve into digital recording, mixing, and editing. This hands-on experience will transform your understanding of music in the digital age, culminating in a group project that brings your creativity to life.
COST: $149  Duration:1 DAY.

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#4 Songwriting and Composition Camp 

Unleash your inner songwriter at our inspiring camp! Learn the art of crafting catchy melodies, penning meaningful lyrics, and understanding song structure. Culminate your journey with a mini-performance, showcasing your original composition to fellow music enthusiasts.

COST: $149
Duration: 1 DAY.

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