What we stand for?


    To make the world a happier and harmonious place by instilling music into the community, creating musicians and nurturing them to reach their full potential.


    To enable the music students of all stages, ages and backgrounds to achieve complete fulfilment with their chosen musical artform.

Our Team - Our Family

  • Jeet

    Founder, CEO, Guitar Mentor

    Jeet, our esteemed Founder, CEO and Creative Director, with an impressive 22-year career as a guitarist, songwriter, and music producer. His impact extends globally, having tutored and mentored over 800 students in Australia and worldwide. Jeet's unwavering commitment to our mission and vision – instilling music into the community, enabling musical fulfillment for all, and nurturing talent – is the driving force behind his passion for continuous improvement and lifelong learning. Starting and ending each day contemplating ways to enhance the musical experience for his students, Jeet creates a uniquely inspiring and nurturing learning environment. His commitment to student advancement and fulfilment, combined with his love for innovation, breathes life into our institution's vision and mission every day.

  • Ike

    Guitar Mentor

    Ike is an exceptionally gifted musician, showcasing his talent as both an accomplished virtuoso guitar teacher and a skilled drums instructor. His broad musical expertise and affable teaching style have made him a beloved figure among our students. Whether he's imparting the art of strumming the perfect chord or demonstrating the rhythm of drum beats, Ike's knowledge and passion for music shine through. His commitment to fostering musical growth in every student, coupled with his friendly demeanor, make each lesson a truly engaging and enriching experience. His multifaceted talent and approachability contribute greatly to the vibrancy of our music community.

  • Sarvi

    Classical Vocal and Piano Mentor

    Sarvi is a gifted vocal and piano coach, boasting elite training from the prestigious Melbourne University. Excelling in classical disciplines, Sarvi guides a delightful array of students on their musical journeys, contributing to our community as both an educator and student coordinator. With a pedagogical approach honed by her stellar training, she effortlessly tailors her lessons to accommodate learners of varying levels. Whether she's coaching vocalists to hit the perfect note or pianists to strike the right chord, Sarvi's commitment and passion are palpable in every lesson. Her dedication to her students and her role as a coordinator create a harmonious and inspiring learning environment for all.

  • Peter

    Guitar & Piano Mentor

    Peter is an accomplished piano and Guitar instructor and a talented concert pianist, known for his approachable demeanor and remarkable expertise. His extensive experience and friendly teaching style resonate with students across all ages and proficiency levels. Peter finds immense joy in guiding learners on their musical journeys, regardless of their individual skill sets. Whether he's helping a beginner grasp the basics or aiding an advanced student in mastering intricate pieces, his passion for piano is evident in every lesson. Equally comfortable on stage or in the classroom, Peter's commitment to music education makes each session a stimulating and enriching experience.

  • Rachel

    Vocal Mentor (Pop / Rock / R&B / Country)

    Rachel is a dynamic and passionate vocal coach specializing in pop and rock genres. With a deep love for music that transcends age boundaries, she has dedicated her career to nurturing the vocal talents of both children and adults. Rachel believes in the power of voice as an expressive tool and aims to inspire her students to find their unique sound. Whether she's coaching a young, budding talent or helping an adult student reach new vocal heights, Rachel's enthusiastic teaching style and deep understanding of the pop/rock genre makes every lesson an engaging and enriching experience.

  • Tyron

    Drums Mentor

    With over 25 years of experience, Tyron is a seasoned drummer who has made a significant impact on both live and studio productions with his dynamic beats, precision technique, and impeccable timing. He has devotedly refined his skills, making substantial contributions across a wide array of musical genres. Moreover, Tyron has been the driving force behind countless live performances, captivating audiences in intimate local venues and on international stages alike. In the studio, his drumming has been instrumental in shaping the recordings of numerous artists. Tyron revels in exploring all styles of music and is passionate about imparting his extensive knowledge to the next generation of artists.

  • Armin

    Piano Mentor

    Armin is a highly-skilled piano instructor well-versed in the AMEB syllabus, universally admired by young learners and adult students alike. With a blend of proficiency and charisma, Armin has become an invaluable asset in our musical community. His unique teaching style cultivates a profound appreciation for music and caters to each student's individual learning objectives. Whether he's nurturing the budding talents of a young novice or honing the skills of a more advanced pianist, Armin's enthusiastic teaching approach resonates in every lesson, creating a truly captivating and rewarding educational atmosphere.

  • Standing with Displaced Children at UNHCR

    At our community-focused music institute, we unite in support of UNHCR's vital mission. Our donations help uplift and protect vulnerable children who have been forced to flee their homes, offering them hope through education, healing, and the transformative power of music. Together, we make a lasting difference.

  • Uniting with Australian Red Cross

    As a proud donator to the Australian Red Cross, our music institute embraces a shared commitment to make a positive impact. Together, we support and uplift diverse teenagers, fostering unity, and providing aid during crises. With our collective efforts, we empower hope for a better tomorrow.