The Fender Stratocaster Guitar Story

A Gesture of Gratitude

In a deeply moving act of generosity, James, who had never met us nor been one of our students, gifted us a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. His decision was influenced by the compelling service we provide to the community, evident from the heartfelt reviews on our site and Google.

This gesture was James's way of recognizing and supporting the transformative power of our music programs, highlighting the strength of community we foster.

James wished for the guitar to be fully utilized, and it has indeed become a cornerstone of our mission, inspiring countless students. This Fender Stratocaster is now the heart of our teaching program, a beacon of inspiration. Every strum is a reminder of the community's support and the unifying power of music.

Though James was not a direct beneficiary of our programs, his generous gift serves as a powerful testament to our impact on the community.

This guitar, beyond being an instrument, embodies the gratitude of those we've touched.

Our Symphony of Success Stories

These narratives offer a glimpse into what it's like to be part of Rising Tone's vibrant musical community.

Read on to see why Rising Tones is the ideal place to begin or continue your musical Musical journey.

  • The hour goes by so fast...

    I joined Rising Tones on January 2017 and I am loving the journey of learning a new musical instrument! From knowing nothing about guitars to be able to play a few different chords in just a few lessons has been very fulfilling. I look forward to my weekly tuition and the hour goes by so fast! The lessons are well planned and my tutor follows through with video uploads to help with home practice. He is a gifted teacher, patient and always checking understanding, spending time on each point as needed. Joining Rising Tones has really been a great decision!

  • ..simple yet powerful

    I've been a student of Rising Tones for just over a month now, and I can't say how great the journey has been thus far. Jeet is a great musician and a very patient and dedicated tutor. He is very passionate when it comes to teaching music and knows the way to keep his students motivated and excel. His technique and approach towards music is simply great. The practice lessons that he sends home are interesting and keeps you motivated to do them at home. I had tried at least 3 -4 guitar learning sites, tutors and soon gave up on them as it was too much information to take in. Rising tones way of teaching is simple yet powerful and gets you going.
    Its been a pleasure to learn music under Jeet... and we look forward to keep it going !.
    Jeet & Rising Tones Music academy .. nice work.. You rock !

  • Looking forward to learn more

    My son Isaac has been taking guitar lessons for few months now. Isaac loves going every week with passion and always looking forward to learn more from Jeet. So, whether you are picking up the guitar for the first time, looking to improve your existing skills or perhaps wanting to take your guitar skills to the next level. Jeet will help you reach your goals. He is an intuitive teacher who has the ability to identify what it is you want to achieve and provides the tools and methods to achieve it. Jeet knows the key concepts and what students want to learn. If you're looking for a knowledgeable and kind hearted teacher Jeet is the guy. Highly recommended to check him out.

  • the best decision I've made

    Joining Rising Tones in November 2016 was the best decision i have made in long time to pursue my childhood hobby that is learning guitar. I was complete beginner when i started and i am proud to say now i can play my favourite song & still going ahead. Instructors at Rising Tones are very professional and give you thorough knowledge of basics of guitar including one on one & group practice. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning guitar. You take one step & instructors will do rest for you.

  • Definitely recommend...

    I have been taking guitar lessons from Rising Tones Music Academy along with my 10 yr old daughter for about 8 months now. I had a passion to learn guitar for many years and I am extremely lucky to have found RTMA.

    Jeet is a talented musician and a wonderful teacher. He is calm and patient and clears every doubts we have. I have enjoyed learning from Jeet and I believe it's good value for money. I'll definitely recommend RTMA to anyone interested in learning music.

  • He absolutely loves it

    My Son started Guitar lessons about a month ago. He absolutely loves it! His teacher Jeet is very patient and can see the talent in all his students. Our son keeps surprising us each week with all the new tunes and strings he is learning! Amazing place for anyone interested in guitar lessons! 🎸👍

  • ... a very happy young man

    My son Adam started guitar lessons with Jeet about 3 months ago. Adam struggles to connect with people and is happy to be in his own company. I have to say that the transformation in Adam after meeting Jeet and having guitar lessons is amazing and as a mother i couldn't be more proud. After each lesson with Jeet i ask Adam how was class tonight. His reply is two big thumbs up and with an awesome. He also comments on how he really likes Jeet beacause he has lots of patience with him and that he just loves how Jeet teaches . Adam is extremely happy with Jeet and the class and has a new passion for guitar. I would recommed his academy to anyone. Our driends hear Adam play and can't believe how quick he is learning and how much he loves it. Thank you so much for Adam is a very happy young man. 😊

  • ...Systematic approach

    Jeet is an incredible experienced guitar professor and also a talented artist. He is highly qualified, methodical and professional. With his patience and well developed technique, he can help you find other dimensions of the guitar and music regardless your level.
    This is my second month learning guitar with Jeet. I find the lessons challenging and rewarding and the lessons are pitched just right so I’m practicing quite well with an instrument. Jeet uses a systematic approach of teaching, where I have learnt by hearing and knowing in a way the learning becomes automatic. Due to COVID and lockdown I keep learning on zoom, which again worked quite better than I could have imagined.

  • ...becoming a young songwriter

    Dean has been a student at Rising Tones Music school for a number of years now. The team and teachers there especially Ike have been a inspiration to Dean’s development in becoming a young songwriter and musician
    Highly recommend any new students who want to learn a instrument or improve in any musical aspirations

FIVE STAR Google Review Rating

Building musicians is at heart of our mission

"At Rising Tones, our philosophy is rooted in the belief that music is a universal language - one that transcends boundaries and brings people together.

It's more than just learning to play an instrument or sing a song. It's about cultivating a deep love for the art, fostering creativity, and developing a voice of one's own.

Student satisfaction is at the heart of our mission. We celebrate every achievement, no matter how small, and foster an environment of encouragement, collaboration, and mutual respect.

We believe that it's this commitment to each student's happiness and growth that sets us apart.

The testimonials above are a testament to this commitment. They are heartfelt, true stories of progress, fulfillment, and the joy of music, as told by our students and their families."

-- Jeet Samant (CEO)

The Journey Continues...