Practice Power Pack

Practice power pack is a meticulously curated, tried and tested, collection of high-quality, essential guitar equipment, handpicked with the benefit of deep research and understanding. This all-in-one pack saves you precious time and money that might otherwise be spent searching for individual items. It brings together all your practice necessities in one convenient package, taking the hassle out of your preparation and letting you focus on what truly matters – mastering your music. The Practice Power Pack - your ultimate companion for a streamlined and effective guitar practice journey.

Practice Power pack item #1

High Quality Guitar

Canadian Hard Maple neck and a smooth Rosewood fretboard, great on fingers.

Also includes a gig bag, strap, lead, and picks as standard, Weighing just 3.5 kg, strikes a perfect equilibrium between a feel and ease of play. Available in – Blue, Black, Red, Sunburst, Pink, and Golden. Guitar has a one-year warranty.

Also includes 15w Amplifier

Retails At: $459

Rising Tones Student Special Price: $413

Practice Power pack item #3

Concert Quality Music Stand

A music stand is an often-overlooked yet crucial piece of equipment for guitar students. It promotes proper posture by holding your sheet music or lesson books at eye level, preventing neck strain and encouraging better playing technique.

Music stand also allows for easy notation reading while playing, thus improving your practice efficiency. A quality music stand truly elevates your learning experience and contributes to a more effective practice session.

Retails At: $64.95

Rising Tones Student Special Price: $58.45

Practice Power pack item #4

Practice Metronome

A metronome is an indispensable asset for every guitar student. It fosters rhythm and timing, fundamental components of harmonious music. Practicing with varied tempos is made effortless, enabling incremental progression and mastery of intricate pieces.

Notably, a metronome allows you to accurately measure your progress over time.

This practical tool refines your technique, cultivates your internal timing, and is a testament to your evolving skills. Incorporating a metronome in your practice routine is a step towards significant musical advancement.

Retails At: $24.95

Rising Tones Student Special Price: $22.45

Practice Power pack item #5

Foot rest

A foot rest is an essential comfort accessory for every guitar player. It offers proper elevation, promoting healthy posture and reducing physical strain during extended playing sessions. A foot rest enables a more relaxed position, which indirectly improves your technique and sound.

More importantly, it offers an observable improvement in practice comfort, making those lengthy sessions more enjoyable. A foot rest becomes an extension of your practice routine, subtly enhancing your performance and fostering better focus on your music. Integrating a foot rest into your practice setup contributes to both your physical ease and musical development.

Retails At: $24.95

Rising Tones Student Special Price: $22.45

Practice Power pack item #6

Guitar Stand

A guitar stand is an absolute must-have accessory for every guitarist. Providing a secure and accessible place for your guitar, it safeguards your instrument from accidental damage, such as falls or scratches. Additionally, it prevents any distortion to the neck that can occur over time when a guitar is improperly stored. But beyond protection, a guitar stand offers the convenience of keeping your instrument within easy reach, encouraging regular practice. It also showcases your guitar, turning it into a piece of art when not in use. Invest in a guitar stand - ensure your instrument's longevity and enhance your practice environment.

Retails At: $22.95

Rising Tones Student Special Price: $20.65

How much does it all cost?

The total of prices of individual items included in the practice power pack retails at $596.80

For currently enrolled Rising Tones Students this comes down to the total to $537 (10% Discounted)

The 9 reasons why you must have a GREAT QUALITY equipment

  • #1 Gentle Touch

    A high-quality guitar is crafted with comfort in mind. It's gentle on the fingers, letting beginners focus on their techniques without strain and enjoy the music journey much more.

  • #2 Tonal Variety

    Good electric guitars offer a wide range of tones, stimulating creativity and engagement. This encourages a faster learning process and appreciation for music's richness.

  • #3 Durability & Savings

    Investing in high-quality guitar equipment ensures longevity. While the initial cost might be higher, it's cheaper in the long run as replacements are less frequent.

  • #4 Posture Comfort

    Comfort-oriented items like a foot rest and a music stand aid in maintaining proper posture, ensuring physical ease and adherence of vital guitar playing fundamentals.

  • #5 Quality Sound

    High-quality equipment provides improved sound, enhancing your playing experience and offering a polished edge to your performance.

  • #6 Progress Tracking

    A precise metronome is an essential tool for tracking and improving your rhythm and timing, as well as measuring your progress over time.

  • #7 Seamless Learning

    Using the same high-quality equipment at home as used in the class can make the learning process more seamless and efficient. Also offers an option of "quiet practice" at home when you use headphone,

  • #8 Convenience & Savings

    Having a complete, well-researched set of equipment saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus more on your practice. Not only these equipment are discounted but the shipping cost is also waived.

  • #9 Flexible Financing

    Our payment plans are affordable and interest-free, ensuring that your investment in quality equipment is financially manageable without impacting your credit file.

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