Frequently Asked Questions

What's the ideal amount of practice time at home in addition to guitar lessons?

Regular practice is key to mastering the guitar. For young students, even 20 minutes daily can work wonders.

As they progress in their guitar lessons, they might find themselves practicing more out of sheer enjoyment and that's one of our goals here at Rising Tones. After all, we believe learning the guitar should be a fun and rewarding experience!

Can students gain professional recording experience at your music institute?

Yes! We offer studio access for students who are ready to take their songwriting skills to the next level. It's a great opportunity to experience professional recording and hear your progress amplified! Additionally, our students have recorded and released their own original songs.

Can you advise me on buying a guitar online or from other sources?

Of course! As part of our guitar intro lesson, we can offer guidance on what to look for when purchasing a guitar, such as the type, size, and brand suitable for your specific needs and goals.

And you don't need to buy a guitar for your intro lesson if you don't have one. We will provide you a guitar in your intro lesson and also give you all the advice to buy yours later.

I'm left-handed. Should I get a left-handed guitar for my lessons?

Not necessarily. When you're new to the guitar, there's no designated 'dominant' hand. Both hands have important, yet different roles to play. In fact, your dominant hand might be better at navigating the fretboard's complexity!

One way is to try playing an "air guitar" and see what you "feel" more natural choice for the strumming hand.

Do you prepare students for music exams in your music lessons?

Absolutely! We guide you every step of the way, ensuring you're confident and well-prepared for AMEB exams for Piano .

Is music theory part of your guitar lessons curriculum?

Yes, it is but we make it fun and interactive. Music theory does not need to be boring.

We believe a strong foundation in music theory enhances your understanding of music and elevates your playing skills.

It's integrated into our guitar lessons, making them comprehensive and fulfilling.

Do you teach songwriting to complete beginners in your guitar lessons?

Absolutely. We believe that songwriting can be an expressive outlet, even for beginners. Our guitar lessons include songwriting basics, setting you on the path to writing your own tunes!

Which lesson format do you recommend: one-on-one or group guitar lessons?

Both formats have their benefits.

One-on-one guitar lessons offer are great when setting-up goals or when providing personalised feedback,

Group lessons can be more interactive, fun and instll qualities of teamwork. We offer both of these formats. It depends on the instrument as well and the type of content that is being taught.

What happens if I miss a guitar lesson?

We understand that life can sometimes throw a curveball, disrupting your regular schedule.

All you need to do is to give us at least 12 hours notice before the schedule time of your class. We will then be able to issue a credit equivelent to amount of the missed lesson.

How do I make payments for my guitar lessons?

Payments for our guitar lessons can be made conveniently via debit or credit card.

Do you offer any discounts for multiple enrollments from the same family?

We appreciate the love for music that runs in families.

We do offer discounts for multiple enrollments from the same family. Book an intro session for more details.

Do you offer a free trial guitar lesson?

We don't offer free trial lessons, as our highly experienced guitar teachers provide top-quality instruction that's worth every cent.

However, rest assured that we strive to make every lesson a valuable and enjoyable experience.

What's the difference between an introductory lesson and a trial lesson?

An introductory lesson, which we offer, is a discounted, full-length session where we assess your current skills and tailor our teaching approach to suit you.

It's also a time for discussing important non-lesson related details about your journey with us. We bear the cost of this introductory lesson by offering it at a reduced rate.

On the other hand, a trial lesson, which we don't offer, is typically a free or discounted session offered by some providers for you to 'try out' their service. However, given our large pool of satisfied students and numerous testimonials, we are confident that you'll find our guitar lessons more than satisfactory.

Do you offer guitar lessons during school holidays?

Yes, we do! Our doors are open even during school breaks. It's a great opportunity for students to use their free time to hone their guitar skills!

Should I take guitar lessons or try to teach myself?

Self-teaching has its place and associated risks and nothing can replace the guidance of a professional.

Technical flaws in your guitar playing can be developed within minutes and may take many years to rectify.

Our guitar lessons ensure you develop the right techniques from the get-go and avoid common beginner mistakes that can turn very costly in the long run.

I'm not exactly young. Is it too late for me to learn the guitar?

Unless you're over the age of 160, it's never too late to start learning guitar! Age is merely a number; what matters most is your passion and enthusiasm for music.

Do you offer guitar lessons for adults?

Absolutely! A considerable percentage of students At Rising Tones are adults.

Many of us adults tend to keep what we love on the "back burner" of way too long.

We, at Rising Tones, believe it's never too late to follow your musical dreams. We provide guitar lessons for all ages and skill levels, so adults are most welcome!

How do I decide which instrument is right for me to learn?

Your choice of instrument often depends on the type of music you love, as well as the challenge you're willing to undertake. If you're drawn to melodies and chords, guitar lessons might be a great choice!

Here is one way: think about the bands and artists you love, then think about the songs that you love, and then think about what role you would have played in that song. Would you be the guitarist? Or the singer? Or the piano player? The answer will emerge.

Another way is to think about what instrument will make you feel great about yourself as you play it. Trust the feeling that your subconscious mind will suggest to you.

At what age can my child start taking guitar lessons at Rising Tones?

While the suitable age varies among children, most are ready to start guitar lessons around age 6 or 7.

Of course, if your child shows an early interest and physical readiness, they could start even earlier!

For piano and vocals this age is about 3.

For drums the age is about 4.

Why should Rising Tones be my choice for guitar lessons?

We pride ourselves on friendly, experienced teachers and innovative teaching methods. But beyond guitar lessons, we also offer unique performance opportunities that set us apart. At Rising Tones, you don't just learn guitar; you become a well-rounded musician and grow as a person.

Can you explain what you mean by being a 'performance-based school'?

As a performance-based school, we believe in developing your on-stage presence alongside your instrument skills. (But don't worry if you think you are too shy or not ready for a performance yet. We will do this only at the right stage in your musical journey. Also, while the participation in performance is highly recommended it is not mandatory.)

We encourage our students to showcase their talents through various performances, helping them build confidence and experience the thrill of live music!

What kinds of musical instruments do you offer lessons for, aside from guitar?

Apart from our stellar guitar lessons, we also offer piano, vocals, and drum lessons. At Rising Tones, we are more than just a guitar institute; we are a hub for comprehensive musical learning focused on musical as well as personal growth!

Can I join your guitar lessons at any time of the year?

Yes, absolutely! You can enroll in our guitar lessons any time throughout the year. We're always ready to welcome new music enthusiasts!

What are your locations and opening times?

We operate at different times across our 3 locations.

At Mernda, we're open from Monday to Friday, 3pm to 9pm.

At Mill Park, it's Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 8pm.

At Werribee, we're open on Sundays from 12pm to 8pm.

Please remember, appointments are necessary!

Can a complete beginner enroll in your guitar lessons?

Absolutely! Our guitar lessons are designed to guide you from the basics all the way to advanced techniques.

It doesn't matter if you've never held a guitar before, we're here to turn you into a guitarist!