Concert Regisration - Now Open

DATE: SAT 31th AUG 2024

TIME: 1:00PM to 4:30PM

VENUE: Musicland, 1359 Musicland fawkner

Registrations Now Open

  1. Please Register for the event by filling up the form below.  Note that there are more students than the available performance time at the venue, therefore performance times will be only allocated on “first come – first serve” basis. It is very likely that not all students will get a chance to register. So, please register ASAP to avoid disappointment.
  2. The date of concert is Saturday 31st AUGUST 2024 from 01:00PM to 4:30PM, (there will be short breaks in between)
  3. The venue of the concert is: MUSICLAND, 1359 Sydney Road, Fawkner 
  4. The registration cost is $65 per performer.
  5. if there are multiple members of the same family who will be perfoming, then Please create a seperate registration entry for each performer. In this case, the registration fee for the first performer from the family is $65 and all the subsequent performers will pay a discounted $19 as registration fee.
  6. You can invite your friends and family. There will be a ticket of $20 per person. The performer does not need a ticket.
  7. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you perform in this concert, irrespective of your level of skill. This live performance experience alone is extremely helpful and rewarding to grow as a musician.
  8. Don’t worry, your teachers will be working closely with you to get the best out of you!!
  9. There will 3 types of performances. A) Solo performance B) Group performance (Main act) C) Group Performance (supporting act). Your teacher will be in the best position to choose the performance type for you based on your current skill level, your liking and the need of the song. Each registration allows you to reserve 1 slot in any one of these performances types. However, for more advance students, there can be multiple group (main) and group (supporting) slots offered with a sole discretion of your teacher and RTIM management.
  10. If your are concerned about performing on stage, don’t worry. We will get you enough stage practice before you go on stage.  Also, you can also perform as a part of group (instead of performing individually) which may be more fun and relaxing for you.
  11. For any questions, please send an email to 

Conditions of entry

  1. Registration is required. We ask that you register (using the form provided) for our concert. Due to high demand, slots are limited and will be given on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. Enrolment condition: To ensure a seamless experience, we invite only those who are currently enrolled in any of our music programs learning Guitar / Singing / Drums or Piano to sign up.
  3. Teacher's discretion: Our esteemed teachers will carefully select the songs and designate whether students will perform solo or as part of a group (either as main or supporting act). This decision aims to provide the best showcase of talent and create a harmonious concert.
  4. Additional Practices: If necessary, we may propose a few additional practice sessions during the final 6 weeks leading up to the concert. These hourly sessions, offered at a special rate of $19 per session, and will be additional to your regular classes will be mostly held on Saturdays at Mill Park. They will aim to polish your performance and ensure you're stage-ready.
  5. Media Consent: By registering for this concert, participants and/or their guardians agree to grant permission for the event organizers to take photographs and videos during the concert. Furthermore, they consent to the use of such media on the institute's social media platforms, website, and specifically the "Student Spotlight" page, for promotional, educational, and informational purposes. This usage includes, but is not limited to, showcasing student performances, promoting upcoming events, and highlighting student achievements. While no personal contact information will be publicly associated with the photographs or videos, participants' names may be published on the website's "Student Spotlight" page alongside their photographs or performance videos. In all other instances, no names or personal details will be shared without further explicit consent. Participants should be aware that their image, voice, and performance will be in the public domain once published on our platforms. This clause is integral to our efforts to celebrate student accomplishments and share our vibrant learning community with a broader audience.